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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Occupy Hillsborough? Highly Doubful

As the Occupy Wall Street movement, scattered and amorphous though it may be, seems to pick up steam, with enthusiastic help from the eager media and some left-leaning politicians, it appears highly unlikely that the protesting persons will venture very far from their favored urban capitals of finance. New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, et al are magnets for the dispossessed, the chronically unhappy and the outright radical. It's a mixed bag out there in the makeshift tent cities that are popping up like daisies after a spring rain. But don't expect these rag-tag folks to wander into places like Atherton or Hillsborough. It would be just too much trouble. For one thing, the authorities wouldn't tolerate it. Can you imagine several hundred Occupiers protesting loudly in front of the mega-homes of the Peninsula's captains of industry and banking? Squish a geranium or two and the plastic handcuffs would come out faster than you can blurt, "Trust fund babies are the Devil's spawn." Trespass on a carefully manicured driveway and you could kiss your socialist tush goodbye. Block the path of a BMW or Mercedes for more than a moment and you might find yourself posing as a novel, upscale hood ornament. The activists know their place. And it's most definitely not in suburbia.

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