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Friday, October 21, 2011

But Do You Need a Supermarket Club Card?

You have to hand it to the marketing expertise of certain Libyan retailers. As of Friday, a nondescript storefront in a shopping center in Misrata has been displaying Moammar Gadhafi's corpse. The cadaver has been reclining in a freezer. It has been available for public viewing. In other words, shoppers at this particular Misrata venue have been able to stock up on Pepsi, Pop Tarts, Cheerios and Ding Dongs while taking a quick glance at the frozen visage of the one-time dictator who was shot and killed earlier in the week. Wonderful. There's nothing quite like checking out bargains over on aisle 5 with a dead celebrity nearby nestled there in a walk-in fridge. Talk about "Since we're neighbors, let's be friends." Fortunately, there are no reports that customers need to flash a club card to take a gander at the ex-el presidente. Still, the sight of Gadhafi's lifeless body would seem to be something of a turnoff if you were seeking out the best deal on a three-pound beef brisket. Fortunately, we don't foresee Mollie Stone's or Safeway imitating this particular promotion anytime soon. The ad would be off-putting for sure: "Buy a twin-pack of mayo and ogle the body of Gadhafi, half-off, one-time only. No coupon needed." The mind reels.

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