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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nostalgia Runs Rampant at Two Events

Somehow, the San Mateo County Times, nee San Mateo Times, survives after 122 years. In spite of a dismal climate for newspapers in general across this great land, the Peninsula's daily paid newspaper manages to hang in there, albeit in a somewhat abbreviated form. In its latest incarnation, it is included as part of the Mercury-News, with a separate masthead but common pages throughout. At least that's the plan as of Nov. 2. To celebrate the history of the newspaper _ and to commemorate the razing of its former headquarters on South Amphlett Boulevard in San Mateo earlier this year _ two separate reunions were held Tuesday night, one at The Broadway tavern in downtown Redwood City and the other at the restaurant bar at the El Rancho Inn in Millbrae. The former involved veterans of the San Mateo Times; the latter welcomed folks who worked, or still work, at the San Mateo County Times. Many of the editors attended one, or both, of the festive events. These included the likes of Michelle Carter, Terry Robertson, Alan Quale, Bob Rudy, Jack Russell, Terry Winckler, Jennifer Aquino and a gaggle of others. Tall tales and nostalgia were the order of the evening. Good times.

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