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Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Time to Occupy the Kardashians

As a mixed bag of purported activists calling themselves "Occupy Oakland" continues to squat in that benighted city's downtown business district, these folks are wearing out their welcome. Fast. Even the dysfunctional mayor, Jean Quan, seems to be getting religion lately. It is her latest view (which changes on a daily basis) that the Occupiers need to go. Where, precisely, is another matter. So is when. She's open to ideas. We may have the answer for her and others who are fed up with the vandalism, destruction, health hazards, harassment and general mayhem caused by the protesting crowds: Occupy the Kardashians. If there is a symbol of perverted capitalism run wild and out of control, it is this vapid collection of reality-TV show oddballs. They have become celebrities for no apparent reason whatsover. Perhaps it's because they simply say they are celebrities. One of them, after all, went so far as to have her ample buttocks X-rayed to prove they were not enhanced by artificial means. Fabulous. No wonder rational people roll their eyes in abject frustration at the very mention of the name "Kardashian." It has become a synonym for "pointless" and "absurd." The Occupiers could do us all a big favor by shifting their attention to something that really does need cleansing. Are you listening, Mayor Quan? Probably not.

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