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Monday, November 7, 2011

One Tiny Ray of PG&E Sunshine Is Emerging

It's very tough to find anything good about last year's massive natural gas explosion and fire in the San Bruno hills. A neighborhood was devastated. Eight people died, dozens were injured and more than three dozen homes were destroyed. The incident has left a lasting effect on the area. However, in the horrific aftermath of the tragedy, the worst disaster in San Mateo County history, there has been at least one positive result: PG&E, under enormous pressure, has proceeded on a comprehensive examination of its natural gas pipeline delivery system. And, not surprisingly, flaws are being found on a regular basis. The same pipeline that burst in San Bruno has been shown to have even more problems. Last weekend's pipe rupture in the Redwood City/Woodside region not far from Canada College and Interstate 280 was just the latest example. The line was being tested at the time and it failed. It would be fair to state that, without the San Bruno calamity, PG&E would not be going through this painstaking examination. That's small comfort for all of those families affected by the 2010 disaster.

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