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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Limbo: A Place for the Undefined, Uncertain

During a recent discussion with friends in San Mateo, the subject of Limbo came up. For Catholics of a certain age, Limbo was something of a strange conundrum. It was a vague place where certain souls wound up. It wasn't Hell and it wasn't Heaven; it was something in-between, a final destination for those of an undefined spiritual nature. In a sense, it was an agonistic's delight because it was so cloudy. It was neither black nor white; it was grey. Booted out of the Church's lexicon some time ago because of a distinct lack of relevance, Limbo hasn't really gone away. At least not in a political sense. In an era riven by harsh idealogues on the left and right, there is no middle ground for rational debate. If you listen to politicians and pundits on both sides of the great American divide, you come to realize that shades of nuance are quickly lost in the rhetoric. You aren't allowed to hedge even a little. There is no home for you. In effect, you are back in Limbo as an Independent. Maybe that's OK. You still get to vote.

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