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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let's Keep Engineering Standards High

Here we go again. The diversity police are on the march once more. They now are fretting about the ethnic makeup of UC-Berkeley's engineering students, among other concerns. In a nutshell, there are too many Asians, whites and males. Too many Asians? Too many whites? Too many males? Who cares? What matters is whether these ambitious young people are outstanding pupils in an outstanding program that demands high standards and rewards excellence. We want our future engineers to be challenged by rigorous academic offerings. We don' t want those requirements to be watered-down or reduced to accommodate some sort of socio-political agenda that has nothing whatever to do with keeping our buildings and bridges upright and our airplanes aloft. Would it be nice if there were more "under-represented" minorities (how women are somehow classified as "under-represented" at UC continues to be a real head-scratcher) enrolled in the UC engineering school? Of course. And, if these students can gain admission to that sterling program, more power to them. It's up to their elementary, secondary and undergraduate instructors (along with their families) to assist them in their quest. UC does not discriminate. Let's hope its engineering school doesn't do so in the opposite direction by allowing the unqualified, or marginally qualified, to gain admission over those who meet the entrance requirements but happen to be, heaven forbid, Asian, white or (gasp) male.

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