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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Caltrain and the San Jose Athletics

It is becoming increasingly likely that the Oakland Athletics may receive the blessing of Major League Baseball to move the struggling franchise to San Jose. Certainly, it's not a done deal by any means. But all of the signs are pointing toward such a seismic shift. The San Francisco Giants still own the territorial rights to San Jose and the rest of Santa Clara County. But, if the most recent reports are true, MLB is leaning toward some sort of accommodation for the Athletics in the South Bay. A decision could come as early as next month. There is a lot at stake. The Giants would have to be compensated for their losses (potential fans, sponsorships, media rights, etc.). The proposed location of the new San Jose baseball facility, near the current downtown sports arena, would be an economic boon for that area. And Caltrain would be a big winner too. The San Jose Caltrain depot would serve the baseball team's Peninsula followers as it does the Giants now. In fact, if, way down the line someday, both the Giants and A's wound up facing each other in a World Series, it would indeed be the first-ever "Caltrain World Series."

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