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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No Need to Fret About Nudists Here

It's hardly a secret that San Francisco families with children are quite prone to leaving that community for the suburbs once the youngsters get close to school age. SF has one of the lowest percentages of kids in the overall population of any big U.S. city. SF is viewed as being anti-child in many different ways. Now there's a new one: Too many naked people out on the street. The phenomenon has gotten so intrusive and unpleasant that there is a move afoot to try to regulate these uncomfortable displays of flesh. Good luck. SF residents are well-known for their independence and contrary behavior. So, hey, parents, come on down to the Peninsula. We've got terrific weather, good schools, wonderful parks, ample parking and friendly neighborhoods _ and very, very few naked guys (and gals) texting away out on El Camino Real. Yes, you can take your tiny nursery school denizen with you over to Starbucks and you won't have to worry about him or her asking you about the sight of those weird, flabby buttocks on the wrinkled geezer sitting in the next chair. See, life in San Mateo County is even better than you thought.

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