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Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Do the Math

For those of you who follow the fortunes of the San Francisco Giants (and the Peninsula is definitely Giants' Country, make no mistake about that), the numbers are getting downright grim these days. As of the morning of Aug. 30, they were five full games out of first place in the National League West Division standings. There were 27 games left on their 2011 schedule. Which meant that, to get to 90 wins (a figure that would be two fewer than the club attained a year ago), they would have to go 19-8 the rest of the way, which seems rather unlikely, considering the present depressed state of the ballclub. Arizona, the surging first-place outfit, would require a finishing mark of just 14-13 to get to 90 W's. Nothing is impossible. Major league baseball has seen more daunting challenges. The Giants and Diamondbacks have six games between the two remaining. But SF optimists are in very short supply today. The 162-game schedule, a grueling marathon, has taken a toll, less than one year removed from that 2010 World Series triumph.

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